Bees in your Eaves?

If you ever noticed that bees have been flying in and out of your home’s eaves, it’s probably a good bet that they are looking for shelter away from the intense heat of the Phoenix Arizona metro area. When bees have taken residence in your roof or eaves, this can be very difficult to correct. That’s because bees will usually use the opening to build a hive in or around it and can weigh up to 80lbs! Trying to remove a beehive from your eave yourself can not only be dangerous, but can cause damage to your home if left in place during intense Summer temperatures when the honeycomb can melt enabling the honey to run and damage your home.

So How Do You Remove Bees from Your Eaves?

A good bee removal professional can safely and properly remove or exterminate bees from your eaves. However, after extermination/removal of the bees, it’s generally best to remove the hive when possible. To get the job done correctly, this usually means that an opening needs to be cut out of your wall or roof in order to clean out and dispose of the bee hive. This is definitely a job for a bee removal professional who does this type of work day in and day out. If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and need a professional bee and honey comb removal service, please contact The Beekeeper Total Bee Control.