How To Remove Stains From Your Driveway

Have Oil Stains On Your Driveway?

If you have oil stains on you driveway, there are several ways to get rid off them.  
You’ll need a brush, steel brush works best.  you also need dish soap, baking soda and warm water.
Pour the dish soup onto the stain, add baking soda a little warm water and using the steel rush scrub the stain several times.  Wait 30 minutes.  Once the stain is gone rinse your driveway with a garden hose. 
You can also use powdered laundry detergent on stains less stubborn.
Soaps and baking soda will help because they help break down and absorb the oil on concrete.

Rust Stains on your Concrete or Driveway?

Mixing 1 cup of Ammonia diluted in 1 gallon of water water can help you get rid off any discoloration on your concrete.  Scrub with with a brush and rinse with a garden hose.
But there’s also a less harsh solution for rust stains turns out that Unsweetened Lemonade Kool-Aid mixed with a little hot water may help you get rid off rust on concrete.  Just scrub the stain with a brush and rinse.