How to Take Care of your Dishwasher

Learn how to maintain and extend the life of your Dishwasher

Whether you have a brand new dishwasher or an older model, the following tips may help you to keep it running well while extending it’s useful life:

  1. Always use the recommended detergent.

      Also, it’s important to use the recommend amount.  To much detergent could leave residue behind.

  2. Always use a rinse aid.

      Don’t skip this step.  Rinse aid  help your dishes dry faster so all you need is the energy saving cycle.  Also it will help if you have hard water and it will help avoid cloudy glasses.

  3. At least once a month run your dishwasher with vinegar.

      With only a cup of vinegar and running the normal cycle you will be able to get rid off old food particles.

  4. Try cleaning the filter and running the dishwasher empty at least once a month.

    Or clean the filter immediately if you are having problems with your dishwasher not draining.  The removable filter is located on the bottom of the machine.

  5. Use your dishwasher every day if possible.

      Running your dishwasher once a day should clear build-up from debris.

Did you know that you could cut back on the amount of detergent you are using if you have a water softener.